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    Investment Advisory

    Accord Commerz has a unique investment advisory model, whereby we recommend some of the very high- yield investment opportunities, keeping in mind your goals and risk profile. Our ‘client-first’ approach ensures we help you in the entire planning and execution process.Thereafter you will have the satisfaction of watching your investments generate the desired returns consistently without the need for day-to-day intervention. Our advisors will continuously track your investments, send you regular updates and engage in periodic strategy reviews. Your well-being and satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Our endeavor is to become your trusted investment advisor and to help you achieve your financial goals

    Investor Objectives

    Investing is perceived as being complex and risky until you know what your investment objectives are.This is a continuous is a lifelong process, depending upon your changing needs, requirements, stage-in-life, investible surplus. The sooner you begin investing, the better off you will surely be later. Irrespective of your financial stage, choosing the right investment advisory is a major step for ensuring that you move towards your goals As your trusted investment partner, Accord Commerz offers investment opportunities globally that bring consistently higher returns, all the time balancing your risk. We can help you achieve early financial freedom, desired lifestyle spending and a secure retirement corpus. We believe in transparent dealings, “client-first” approach and a long term trust relationship.

    Invest in the Forex market

    The world of financial investment management can be daunting and confusing for an investor. Most investors will be advised to do an asset balancing and allocate their wealth in some or all of the conventional asset classes like bank deposits, equity, mutual funds, precious metals, property, etc. However, the one neglected investment opportunity that is often missed out is FOREX. It is because many investors and their advisors do not understand how these markets work and perceive them as risky. Accord Commerz creates an awareness and encourages retail participation in forex trading for rapid wealth creation. As per the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the daily turnover of the forex market was almost 6.6 trillion US Dollars, making forex the most actively traded market in the world.

    Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading

    Foreign trading is a becoming a highly popular investment opportunity for investors to make substantive returns, independent of fluctuating business cycles.Forex is the largest trading commodity in the world and its markets operate almost 24X7.. Forex trading offers many unparalleled benefits to investors like high liquidity, market diversity, product choice, easy entry-exit strategies, continuous monitoring and platform reliability. You can easily open a Forex trading account with one of the leading international brokerages. Our experienced team can help you select the right platform with the lowest transaction costs It is therefore Accord Commerz’s No. 1 choice as an investment option.

    Why We Choose FX

    Foreign trading is a well-known largest financial market in the world for trading almost every type of currencies. Forex trading offers many benefits to investors like high liquidity, flexible market and so on. It is your perfect market opportunity, where you can invest a large number of funds with round the clock running market. You can quickly open a Forex trading account and ensure low trade transaction costs. Accord Commerz choose Forex trading because:

    1 - Huge Market Opportunity
    Over $6.6 trillion trades daily. Forex is the only largest investment platform with 24*7 live markets worldwide.

    2 - Transparency
    Currency markets are global networks working across time zones. No single investor can influence the exchange rates further.

    3 - High Leverage
    Leverage controls a gross position with a small capital base. It gives multiple returns and values your capital.

    4 - Low Entry Barriers
    With a professional and reputed broker, you can instantly open a forex trading account with minimal capital

    5 - Technical Analysis
    Trading involves technical and statistical analysis. A highly skilled and experienced trader can develop techniques and models to win consistently

    6 - Low Transaction Costs
    A highly competitive market ensures low transaction costs for your trades.

    7 - Risk Mitigation
    A professional trader can implement strategies to ensure consistent returns on your investment with safety mechanisms in place

    8 - Globally Diverse Investment
    You can choose your investment wisely with an option of 13 major currency pairs and more cross-currency pairs to trade.

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